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Friday, October 4, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Red Devils

Today I’m taking a brief look at the Red Devils set from Warlord Games.  When I first saw this box, I immediately know I had to have them. I mean, British Airborne are just cool, and it has to be the red berets -  they just look fantastic in 28mm on the tabletop!  I have a force of them for Flames of War, and I need them in Bolt Action as well. (Totally agree. Those berets are really striking in war gaming. This is another article from BARbarian Mart "marticus" Bond on the forum, everybody. Enjoy! - Judson)

The Red Devils box is a great way to start an airborne force.  It comes with a two-man PIAT team; a Vickers MMG with crew; an HQ section; and a ten-man squad. None of the sculpts are the same in the set. (As much as I have enjoyed other sets, the "no repeats" in this box set really sets it apart. - J)

The models came out of the box crisp, and with very little flash on them. (Huge plus. -J)  There is a great amount of detail on these models, from mugs and canteens, to some troops having their berets tucked in their epaulets.

The HQ you get in the set consists of an officer with smg, and another soldier with an smg and hunting horn.  I decided to make him my “adjutant,” otherwise known as "guy with my officer."  A radio operator, good for using as either an arty, or air observer, and a medic, are also included.  The variety of units in the HQ section really shows off the character available in this set.

A PIAT team - nice models again, though I’m not a fan of laying down figures. (They fight better standing! And my clumsy fingers can never pick them up off the table without digging in and chipping paint. - J)

The Vickers gun is a lovely model, with the loader and ammunition belt being my favorite part.  The gun comes in one piece, with the crew members supplied individually. (That MMG is really dynamic. Love it! - J)

The squad itself has a mix of weapons, including one Bren gunner; four men with SMGs; and five riflemen.  I know that being a metal set, you're limited in weapon load out options for your force, but I like the mixture the set includes. It suits the character of an airborne force.

Overall a really good set! I was very pleased with it, and give it 9 Red Berets! (I think that's good! - J)

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