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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games German LT

Greetings BARbarians,

     Joe Mezz reporting in from a foxhole far forward of our fighting positions.  Fighting has been fierce and while lead and explosions drop around my foxhole, I have been working on some projects for my fellow battle buddy Judson.

     Today's WIP and completed project is regarding the 28 mm Warlord Figure German Lt.  He was a special figure offered to those whom pre-ordered the Armies of Germany source book.

     Judson had sent it to me hidden among the numerous British soldiers.  His last commission package was so full of tea drinking goodness that none of the chaps noticed.

German Officer - Warlord Miniatures

     I started like any other modeler by cleaning up the model's mold lines and other blemishes.  This model was pretty clean with very few problems found.  He was glued to his base using a spare base I had from other Warlord sets.  Once the Virginia humidity allowed for priming, it was accomplished using flat black.

     I started with the "Inside - Out" method as described by Dirty Jon on WWPD forums and venues.  First, I painted all skin with Vallejo's Flat Flesh (70.955).  Once a good base coat was established, I inked all flesh areas using Vallejo's Game Color Wash - Fleshtone Shade (73.204).  Once dry (important to let the ink wash dry completely or you get major problems with the base color and ink mixing) I highlighted all raised areas in the face and hands.  The lower areas still have the wash allowing for nice shadowing.

German Officer - Warlord Miniatures
      Once all skin areas were completed, the shirt/scarf around his neck was approached.  I used a Folk Art acrylic paint (any hobby store) for the white.  Once happy with the base coat, Dark Ink Tone from Army Painter was applied.  Once dry, using some patience and lack of caffeine, I hit the high areas for the pop.

German Officer - Warlord Miniatures

     Next, using the Flames of War paint scheme for German forces, I proceeded to start on the uniform.  Vallejo's German Fieldgray (830) was applied as a base coat.  Using, GW's Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade (the replacement for the popular Devlan Mud - RIP) the uniform was inked.  As before, I went back and hit all uniform highlights for the pop.

German Officer - Warlord Miniatures

      Pouches were painted using Vallejo's German Camo Beige (821).  Ink was applied using Soft Ink Tone from Army Painter.  Highlights were once again performed using the base color.

German Officer - Warlord Miniatures

     Weapons and metal objects were painted using Vallejo's Gunmetal Grey (863).  Dark Army Painter Ink was applied in 2 layers.  I do this to take the very shiny out of the equation.  No highlights were applied for metal objects.  Lastly, I used black to paint the belt, chin strap, boots and binocular strap.

28 mm Warlord German Lt

     Once happy with all paint aspects, I flat matted the figure to protect its gaming goodness.  Base dirt was applied using the all powerful Aleene's Originial Tacky Glue (any hobby store).  I find that it holds up well and keeps the basing dirt applied the best over Elmer's glue.  Green flock was applied next and let dry.  The green shrubs were applied using superglue which seems to have a better hold on such items IMHO.

28 mm Warlord German Lt

28 mm Warlord German Lt

     Overall, this model was a joy to paint. No clean up, no parts to assemble and a unique pose allowed for a very enjoyable hobby experience.  I look forward to seeing him on the table.

     I hope you enjoyed this WIP to Finish article.  Stay tuned for more projects coming out of this lonely foxhole.  Let us know how you enjoyed the article and feel free to post any questions, concerns or comments on our WWPD Forums.

"Keep the Paint Flowing and the Dice Rolling"

Joe Mezz

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