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Monday, October 7, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Dixon Miniatures - Partisans

Anyone who has been playing Bolt Action for a while knows that unlike other miniature war gaming scales, there is a plethora of manufacturers who make 28mm figures.  One of the lesser known companies is Dixon Miniatures, based out of the UK. (Lesser known to new guys like us, at least! - Judson) Dixon makes a wide variety of miniatures for an equally wide variety of periods;  but their most BARbarian of ranges is their World War Two range, which includes SAS; LRDG; British Commandos; and Partisans.

Dixon Miniatures are high quality figures with lots of juicy detail.  I snagged a sample of their Partisans and was very pleased with them.  The figures had almost no flash, and there was virtually no clean up.  The only assembly that was required was the Partisan on the bicycle, which came in three parts. (Which look to be significantly less challenging to assemble than other, more famous manufacturers' lines. - J)

The Partisans I received included a female with an SMG; an enforcer with an SMG; a Partisan Boss with an SMG and cigar; a saboteur with SMG and TNT plunger; and a biker babe.  The bases I used were courtesy of Gale Force Nine and can only be picked up at conventions they attend.

I am very happy with how these partisans look.  I based them up with sandy, rocky bottoms so they can serve in my hopefully soon collected Greek Army.  Both of the women came wearing dresses and wearing berets and were armed with SMGs.  The biker is one of my favorite models in the range.

The Partisan males I got are also equally awesome.  The bossman is one of the coolest figures in my collection.  He rocks a Pistol, and SMG and is smoking a cigar.  However my favorite figure is the saboteur with the plunger.  He will go nicely in-game when setting up Partisan booby traps, using their unique, special national rule.

Whats that in the woods?  It's a Partisan and we are dead.  BOOOOM!!! (Least dramatic pre-explosion exclamation ever. - J)

While these partisans could be used in almost any partisan force, they would work best in a Western European force, like the French or Dutch.  I am most pleased with these figures from Dixon Miniatures.  They are some of the best looking miniatures I have ever owned.  The only draw back for me is overseas shipping and they have a limited range.  I wish they have 15 other partisan to fill out my force.

I give them a 8.5 out of 10 Partisan Booby Traps

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