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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bolt Action - Review - Dixon Miniatures LRDG Team

In honor of our Bolt Action brothers down under we present you with Dixon Miniatures Long Ranged Desert Group (to learn more about the brother visit - cbax.  

The LRDG were a group of Commonwealth  raiders who patrolled the deserts of North Africa searching for Axis troops, attacking airfields, and raiding supply depots.  These hard as nails, bearded raiders were the fore fathers of modern special forces and have been immortalized in the halls of history.  The achievements and contributions of the LRDG to the war effort is immeasurable.  Naturally these rugged heros draw the attention of many war gamers.  There is something romantic about riding through the desert searching out the enemy.

Dixon Miniatures is a little know miniatures company that makes limited range of World War II figures.      Dixon's LRDG/SAS line consists of four figures, all at rest after a long patrol in the desert.  With smokes and tea these hard rocking amigos are the perfect figures for any LRDG force for Bolt Action.  Dixon figures are crisp and clean and required almost no clean up.  These highly detailed figures are full of character and style.

All the the figures are standing at ease.  This figures looks to be a command figure smoking a cigarette. My favorite part of this guy is the goggles around his neck.

I imagine that this guy is the automotive expect on the patrol.  With his pack of cigarettes he is ready to fix flat tires, replace bets, and turn wrenches.

This dudes reminds me of modern special forces troops.  With his beard and head dress he blends in with the locals.  With his cup of hot tea he maintains his British composure.

Out of all the figures this one looks to be the most in charge.  Its probably because he reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia.  He takes a drag from his cigar as he contemplates his patrols next mission.

The whole crew ready for their next outing into the unknown.

As I mentioned before, if you plan on running an LRDG or SAS force these miniatures from Dixon are a no brainer.  A solid 10 our 10 for these figures.  

If you have any other figures from Dixon or have an LRDG force join us on the forum by clicking the link below.  

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