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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Architects of War Foxhole and Nest

Architects of War, a US distributor of many brands, also has their own line of terrain for various periods. Today, we're going to take a look at this foxhole and HMG nest from their WW2 line.

All the pieces come in a bare, brown resin.

First we have the two-man foxhole. I'm not entirely sure what I'd use this for in Bolt Action, but it could make a good scenery piece. Quite a few guys could hide behind it as well. Also, with the possibility of upcoming fortification books, it could come in handy. 

Some 28mm figs inside and out for scale.

It's not quite big enough for two 25mm bases to sit flat, but the overlap isn't noticeable unless you look from above.
 The HMG nest is pretty cool. It comes with the MG42 and a Maxim option. I opted for the more iconic MG42. With upcoming fortifications, I'm sure this will be a must buy for Bolt Action players. You could also make a bunch of scenarios around it, as they list in their product description. Need to run a quick intro game? Give the Germans a squad and this, make some some quick bunker/nest rules, and give the new player all the Allies they need. BAM, intro scenario done!
Intact gun nest

It's pretty small as you can see.

The top comes off for a destroyed version
All in all, I think the nest is an awesome steal at $12.50. Buy 'em now before they become popular. Not as convinced on the foxhole piece, but I suppose you could work them into a board.

Models provided by Architects of War

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