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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painting Panthers Problem

by Dirty Jon

As you all know, I have a problem.  A painting problem.  I just cannot stop painting tanks for Flames of War.  I have 11 Panthers already, a box set still to paint, yet I still managed to pick up some barely primed Panthers "for cheap".  I just cannot resist a project!

When these arrived, there was a little bit of repair and some flashing work to be done.  With that all squared away, I proceeded to prime, then paint these guys with the PSC German Armor spray can.  I usually like to spray the tracks black before assembly and brush on the dunkelgelb, but I did not feel like prying apart the tracks just for that.

During my cleanup, I did notice that these guys have Zimmerit - I really want some Panthers with Zimmerit.  I thought for a second that I would keep these bad boys. However, I DO have a whole box of Panther Gs in the queue, and those have the new plastic tracks....but no Zimmerit.  Hmm.  We'll see.

Basic painting scheme done.
For these guys, I decided to try a pattern that I found in my German armor book -- I think this is for the 12th Panzer Division.  I changed up my standard color for the "brown" on the tanks from German Medium Camo Brown and went with Cavalry Brown.  In hindsight, I think the Cav Brown will look better on non-Zimmerit tanks, as it really looks like they just left the primer on.  I think it still looks pretty good.

Drybrushing with Middlesone complete.  Most of the detail work done as well.
My standard process is to do a fairly heavy drybrush with my base color, which is now Middlestone.  After that, I paint all the details.  I also got a great tip from... I THINK Breakthrough Assault... and started using Green Brown for my mud.  It doesn't show up great on these tanks, but overall I love that color for mud/dirt.

All done.
Not only did I follow the camo scheme in the book for these tanks, but I also replicated the decal placement.  I dug up some spare decals and went to wok.  In this case, I used a paint-on gloss for the turrets, as this was the only spot I was going to decal.  I did find that the later my two coats of Testors Dull Cote just didn't cover the paint-on gloss well enough.  I followed up with some paint on matte.

I numbered these guys up like a platoon with a 2iC and a CiC.  I did note that the body of one of these Panthers looks just like the one from the Barkmann box set, so I made that one a platoon commander.  Below, find some pictures of the final product.

I think these guys turned out ok.  Do you have a painting problem?  Tell us all about it on the forums...

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