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Monday, October 14, 2013

News from the Front Episode 65

Click here to download Episode 65!

In a super-sized Act I, the boys cover what they have been up to lately, including the Name the Gooch Contest.  There is a ton of talk about painting queues board games and epic discussion about the Huzzah Hobbies EW tournament.  Luke talks a little about some quality issues and we touch on street barricades.  In Act II, Luke talks more about his thoughts on the Japanese and the guys talk Early War in general.  In Act III, we talk about commonly overlooked rules and the importance of following the rules for hit allocation and saves.

In After Hours, the guys discuss the impact of RHQ rankings and tournament play.  They also discuss the practical applications of seeing players based on rank.  We wrap up with talk of Eric's trip to Disney and Universal.

Check out Episode 65 After Hours!

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