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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Accidental Army: DAK

by Dirty Jon

I collect a lot of models for Flames of War.  Sometimes I have a plan, and sometimes I don't.  In this case, I had absolutely no plan at all.  

A strange series of events came about to make the beginnings of this army,  Luke gave me a box of Pz IIIGs he got from some tournament prize support.  The Flea Market at Cold Wars gave up four more Pz IIIGs for $5 each.  I ran out of German Late War Armor spray paint, so I had to find SOMETHING to paint. Enter, the Accidental Army - DAK Edition. 

I dug through the pile of tanks and picked out all of the Pz IIIGs I had.  When I did that, I also discovered that I acquired Oberst Rettemeier -- he looks cool!  I took a look at Easy Army and figured out that I could make the beginnings of a great little Mid War army by running this as the 21st Panzer Division.

This is only 780 points, so I will have to add in some things. I am thinking that some PzIVs would be nice -- I guess I should have kept some of the ones I painted...  Oh well.  I do have some 88s hiding out somewhere -- they could be nice for some heavy AT.  Adding some infantry is a priority and perhaps a little Recce.

I went for a pretty worn look here.  I used a can of the Battlefront British spray paint.  No problem, as I think each side used whatever paint they had available at the time.  I think the color turned out pretty nice.

I could not fit any numbers on the sides of the turret and have them look good. I do have some I94 small red/white numbers, so I may try them later.  I do wish that some small sizes were available for the smaller DAK tanks.

I am a big fan of the heavily weathered look for the desert stuff.  I painted these with the base yellow undercoat then used a chopped up sponge for the weathering.  I used Dark Grey for the splotches.  This indicates that these tanks came to Afrika in Panzer Grey, which I think was common for the IIIs.

So, there we have it -- another army.  Do you have any stories of Accidental Armies?  Tell us all about it on the Forums...

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