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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tigers Marsch Box Set Spotlight

by Dirty Jon

In my continuing efforts to clean out the closet of miniatures, I am re-visiting old Flames of War models that I somehow came to acquire.  I ended up with two Tigers Marsch box sets, so I set upon one of them.

The box set comes with a set of markers and a pile of Tiger Ace dice (not pictured).  The set also has all the decals you will need to do these up just like on the box.  This is a welcome relief, as I have occasionally encountered a box set where you cannot actually make the examples on the box.

Assembly was pretty easy, but a little time-consuming.  I counted fourteen different pieces to make a Tiger.  A cool thing about this set is that each of the models is slightly different, giving a really cool look to the platoon.

The red a white number decals are absolutely a joy -- they are not off-set at all.  Because they are so cool, I actually stole a few for my King Tigers, so I skipped the numbers on the back of the turret.  Forgive me?

These all have Zimmerit, which give an interesting look.  The Tigers I already had were all absent this, so, again I have a variety now.

I went for a relatively clean look at this stage - I may decide to muddy these up in the future.

I am not entirely happy with the shade of red I got for the primer.  I don't have a color that I use consistently -- suggestions?  I think this is just a little TOO red.  Opinions?

So, this is not a full review, so no conclusion -- I do think it is obvious that I like this old box set.  I think in the future I will probably add in some more chipping and mud/dirt, but I am pretty pleased with the 'showroom' look as of this writing.

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