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Monday, September 2, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games M8 Greyhound

by Dirty Jon

My main man Chris Miller hooked me up with this Warlord Games M8 Greyhound sometime this year, I think.  This summer, I finally got around to putting this guy together for my Bolt Action Americans.  I've got the armor covered, so getting something light as an options was pretty attractive to me.

The M8 comes in just a few main pieces, but some fairly tiny details.  The front lights and guards, antenna and rear hitch are very tiny and a little hard to trim and attach.  The worst piece to attach is the turret ring as seen on the box.  I tried to attach it, but finally have up and put mine together with the old style mount.  In general, this model was pretty easy to put together.

This is me "pointing" at the turret ring part.

The rear wheels are molded on the main body, saving some time.  I added a little stowage I had a around the house.

There was very little flash on the model, making for easy clean-up.

For assembly, make sure you go to the Warlord Games site and look at the instructions.  This is especially important for turret assembly, as the parts to use and order of assembly isn't totally obvious.

I dug up a semi-appropriate figure for the turret.  I thought it looked way too empty without a guy up there.  Now, my guy has his .45 out, but I think it looks better than being empty.  It would have been nice to have a figure provided.

This model painted up really well and very quickly.  I didn't have problems at all and finished it all up in just a couple of hours.  There were no casting issues or anything that could not be cleaned up in just a few minutes with a hobby knife.  If you are going to add a figure to the turret, I recommend painting the entire model and figure separately, then gluing in when all done.

I primed this in black, then sprayed this with some Krylon Olive Drab Camouflage paint.  Next, I used some Brown Violet for the base coat.  I highlighted with a little Khaki added to the Brown Violet.  Decals are not included, so I used some spares from Company B I had left over from my M10 build.

Conclusion:  7 of 10 
This model turned out well in the end. There was not a ton or work to get this together and painted very quickly.  I am a little disappointed that this kit did not come with a figure for the turret, decals or a complete instruction sheet.  I really wanted to throw the turret ring out the window, but I am not sure there is much to be done - the ring was just welded on the turret, so any "improvement" would be incorrect.  This is still not a bad deal for $29USD.

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