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Monday, September 16, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Tamiya Panzer III N and StuG D

I picked up a Tamiya Panzer III N and StuG D for Bolt Action when I got the Puma and Hanomag I spotlighted the other day.  Just like the Puma and Hanomag, I bought (stole! - Judson) these tanks from a friend and they came already built.  

I painted the StuG D all grey for an early war look and gave the Panzer III N grey and yellow, which was a paint scheme used on the Eastern Front in 42/43.  The yellow grey camouflage  scheme is one of my favorite camouflage schemes of the war.

Here is the StuG close up and next to some figures

Here is the Panzer III N close up and next to some figures.

I really like how these tanks look, and cannot wait until I can get them on the table.  The game part of me wants to start working on a Greek army to field against the StuG.   I can also use these tanks if I play any Stalingrad type games.

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