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Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Dropzone Commander Cityscape

by Scott Simoneau

Let's take a look at the Cityscape Terrain Kit from Hawk Wargames. It's obviously designed for use for Dropzone Commander, but could be adapted to any 10mm sci-fi game, or even in a stretch, something in 15mm.

It all comes in a pretty tightly packaged box, easy shipping and storage

Don't be put off by the cardboard terrain. These are printed on a very thick quality cardstock, and will definitely last through a couple years wear and tear. They even are sized good enough to store inside each other, like a nesting doll.

PIeces come wrapped and protected in bubble wrap

The contents of the box

You get four "small builings", eight "medium buildings", and eight "large buildings", in addition to 24 two-sided ground tiles

The buildings are all single piece and are prefolded.

Just bend it into the square, and push the roof down

Then fold the upper top lips down so that no white cardboard is showing.
 At this point, you have a few options.

  • You can staple the top flaps down, completing the building in about 5-10 seconds of work. You'll have a few visible staples, but rarely will you ever notice them.
  • You can glue the top flaps down. This looks a bit more "professional", but obviously takes a little longer. I glued this one down with Alene's Tacky Glue.
  • You can not do anything else, leaving everything unattached, so that you can flatten it for easy storage when you are done

I glued this building. After about 20 minutes of drying, the building was ready to be garrisoned!

Don't forget you also get the tiles. They are double sided, so endless possibilities of laying them out exist.

I wouldn't recommend playing on the tiles loose. They really want to be glued down to something. I glued mine to mdf boards in 2x2 patterns. Having six 2x2 patterns per box still allows some modularity in building your layout.

All in all, this kit is a great addition to any DZC commander's arsenal. For $35, you get enough buildings for two 4v4 boards, and enough tiles for a 6x4 board. Two boxes will set you off with three really dense tables and enough tiles to cover them all. This is by far one of the greatest terrain deals out there. 10/10 - cannot recommend enough. (I've bought three sets on my own and was still excited to win a fourth at Gencon!)

Also, the upcoming two player starter set includes 10 of these same buildings, along with posters than are posters on one side, and game mats on the other!

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