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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PSC Spray Paint Review

by Dirty Jon

I went up to Huzzah Hobbies to meet my buddy Jasper from WSS Magazine and found Chris unpacking the PSC Army Sprays.  I had been looking for these things in the US, but had yet to see them - SCORE!  I quickly grabbed some cans I needed desperately - US and German Armor.  Let's take a look!

The cans are standard size spray cans, but have this neat ring around the top that shows the actual color.  This is different that the colored tops you usually see.  I found this pretty useful, as it is easy to keep the cans straight.

I found the tiny little cap weird.  It needed a pretty strong hand to remove and often took the spray cap with it.  I was able to re-attach the spray nozzle, but I pretty much ripped it off at every use.

I shook up the cans and noticed straight away that the ball inside moved around really quickly.  What's that mean, I wondered.

So, first up, I sprayed a Barkmann Panther and objective/workshop.  I found out that the spray was very thin and light - this was a good thing!  I found the coat remarkably thin, but with excellent coverage.

I did some touch-up work on these figures with Middlestone and found the paint to be a very, very good match -- I could not tell the difference at all.

Next, I hit up the US Security Section.  Again, the spray went on very light but with nice coverage.  In both cases, the color looked pretty close to what I am accustomed to.

Below, see the PSC Spray on the left, Vallejo Brown Violet on the right.  Looks the same to me.
My phone's camera sucks.  I'm getting a new phone soon -- sorry.

Above, see a picture of the finished German models.  On the right is a previously painted Panther.  The spray can may be just slightly darker, but that could be due to different levels and brands of wash.

Conclusion:  7/8 Finished Tanks

I like the PSC sprays and recommend them.  They go on REALLY thin, but have very good coverage.  I found the small cap a little annoying, but nothing to get upset about.  Let's face it -  if you do not plan to get an airbrush, there are not a ton of choices out there and this fills a real and present void in the market.

At USD$14.99, it is a bit much.  I am guessing that shipping cost of spray paint is insanely expensive and that is impacting the price.

As with anything, I would suggest painting a platoon at a time -- there is always some variation in conditions, techniques, etc.  This will ensure that every platoon has a uniform look.

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