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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

News from the Front Episode 64

Click here to download Episode 64!

In Act I, the guys discuss what they have been up to lately.  There is talk of painting, basing, and upcoming EW tournament, Eclipse and Descent.  In Act II, Eric covers some lists you may have missed recently - from the goofy to the just plain strange.  The guys move on to discuss USTDs and high AT Allied assets and the impact on the game.  Eric gives a great historical overview of the specialized rounds.  In Act III, we dig up some commonly overlooked rules, discuss Fate of A Nation and generally discuss where Battlefront might be going.

In After Hours, the guys freestyle this one with discussion of units that have disappeared from the Flames of War landscape, movies, and deliver some breaking news straight from Battlefront during the podcast!

Check out Episode 64 After Hours!

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