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Friday, September 20, 2013

Guns of August 2013 Report

by Luke Melia and Dirty Jon

We recently went to the Guns of August tournament in Williamsburg, VA.  We love this convention for a lot of reasons.  First - and hey I will be selfish - it is local for us.  Secondly, it is really affordable.  As a matter of fact, it is so inexpensive to attend this convention we spend the night, even though we could go home each night.  Lastly, there is a great deal of action packed into this con.  There are a variety of historical games, yet there are plenty of other gaming options including board games, role-playing, fantasy, sci-fi and just a plethora of other gaming options.  There is usually a themed Flames of War tournament.  This year the theme was Late War Mechanized and Tank armies.
These are mainly pictures of the tournament from Jon and my camera phones from some of our games as well as other games in progress.  Half the lights were out in the tournament room, so the pictures look a little weird.  We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing you at the next Williamsburg convention, The Williamsburg Muster.

This was Jon's first game. 

The board.  I'm setting up on the left.

He puts Panzergrens and Nebs out.

My M10s head for the forest.  .50cals!

Engage the Enemy More Closely!

I get bombed at Guns of August....and this plane attacks, too!

Nebs dig!

Just a bail!  Woo hoo!

More stuff arrives!

I got you NOW!  I GOT YOU!

251s run for the objective.  Objective?!?!  Psssh.

Lots of shooting, no damage.

Thats my smoke out there.  Pew pew, little killing.  The 2iC charges the M10s.

I shoot, and shoot, and shoot....


M10s take a beating.

251s run for the objective.

Crappy pic.  2 platoons of Panzergrens on the objective.

Shooting, and shooting and shooting...

My Platoon Morale Check which dooms my Company.

I'm gonna run right at'm again!

Bob sets up in cover.

Panzers advance.

I advance some, but really decide to wait Bob out.


Bob advances and we get into a shoot-out over a field.

Brits move up to engage the Panzers from a distance.

2iC and CiC charge!

Ut oh -- Panzers sneak up around the side.

CiC and 2iC run in!

Waiting it out on my objective.

Oh No! -- better get some help for those guys.

HQ runs forward toward Bob's lines.

Flanking the flankers!

I bloody the nose of the flankers.

"Kill the Tommys!"

Bob bails two - 'orrible rolls continue for Bob.

I'm threatening the objective.
I ended up getting Bob.  Below, see my cheater game with Jim Best.


Again, I run right at'm!

CHEATING!! I am lifting Gone to Ground here!  CHEATER!!!
I beat Jim, but I totally cheated.  I used Eyes and Ears when I should have Disengage.

Tom de Mayo's crotch?!?! No, Jim.

More attacking and cheating.

Jim fails his platoon check and is done.

As you probably heard on Episode 63 of News From the Front, we got in a mini recording at the convention in the board game room.  We were joined by Chris, Sean and Medium Ted.  Directly afterwards we got in games of BSG and Lords of Waterdeep . 

My first game.  Nothing is worse than popping three tank destroyer platoons on turn one when facing a Tiger Company.  Hats off to Barry.  He was a great sport even though the game was over on turn one.

Matt Lehman back into Flames of War.  In the background, Sean (Throckmorton) and Jim Best.

Medium Ted back playing Flames of War!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, John Descth.

This guy has brass cahoonas!  30 T-34 76's. 

We had a great time and we hope you can make it to Guns of August sometime soon!

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