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Monday, September 9, 2013

Bolt Action - Bolt Action Radio Episode 14 (Plus Speak Easy!)

In this episode of Bolt Action Radio, Judson, Captain TO, and Baxter dive into the Armies of France and the Allies book. The shop talk flows as well, with chatter on TO's recent tournament, Baxter's big time group demonstration game, and a big ol' year in review gets mixed in for good measure. What The Hecht jumps in for a talk about World of Tanks, as well. Everything gets covered! This one runs long, BARbarians, as the patrons were probably too ambitious in their choice of topics; so have a good supply of beverages on hand to make it all the way through episode 14!

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Additionally, Speakeasy debuts in the premium section. Speakeasy 14 is filled with crunchy shop talk, but is not at all for the faint of heart. For those of you that requested an unedited version of Judson and Dano, this is the episode for you. Joining the hardest of hard rocking amigos for segments are Professor Aruba and LRDG's Mouth of Madness, Lachlan.

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