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Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventures of Action Jackson, Part 3

It's been a while since I've gotten in a game of Infinity and put up pictures - almost a year, actually. That's a long time Action Jackson has been waiting to come out and dance, and he's ready to roll!

But first, a super-quick mini review - or, what sparked my interest to play some more Infinity. I received the second half of my Sedition Wars kickstarter purchase last week, and with it was the main reason I did that kickstarter - the terrain kit.

The kit includes a bunch of injection molded plastic corridor doors, computer terminals, gun mounts, barriers, crates, and other goodies. It comes in bare plastic, so painted is required, and some cleanup of the pieces is advisable too.

 They do have pretty bad mold-lines that are not the easiest to clean up. I started trying to remove them, but gave up and just painted over them. It's only scenery, anyway.

Anyhoo, on to the Infinity game! I played my Haqqislam vs Alex's PanOceania. We played somewhere around 180ish points with hastily built lists on the spot.

The board - first time utilizing the DZC board as the base, placing 28mm terrain on top. It works pretty well - better than a gray mat.

The board from the other side

Alex has some dudes run up the right flank

While keeping some guys in overwatch with some HMGs

Can't stop Action Jackson from dancin' about.

A Naffatun moves up to flame two guys, roasting one, but the after several attempts, the second just won't burn!

So she moves up to engage in close combat, which was a futile, ill-advised task.

Djanbazan sniper peers over the ledge to take some pot-shots at the HMG across the board, but gets mowed down in reaction fire.

Time for a new ride!

Some basic Haqqislam grunts hiding behind the newly painted barriers.

Odalisque prepares her shot for the advancing PanO grunt (hiding behind these awesome barriers)

And takes him down as he runs across the open

Another PanO grunt hiding behind the new barriers. The mold line is pretty apparently on that one.

Why look at the lady on the billboard when you can check it with AJ?

HaqqI grunt vs PanO grunt. PanO grunt emerges victorious with Alex rolling a crit!

Odaliqsue moves out to take some long range fire an a PanO trooper leaning out from behind a corner, but dies to another crit. Alex is on fire!

Janissary attempts to take shots on the same PanO trooper from another angle...but takes yet another crit shot from Alex! At least he has two wounds and still stands.

AJ planning where on the map he wants to travel next - this battlefield is getting stale!

More basic grunts vs basic grunts

The PanO trooper charges out of cover with a torrent of fire from his spitfire gun, downing the Janissary.

Then turns the next corner and finishes off the back line...

...ending the battle for in a massive victory for PanO.
Well, that brings this chapter of The Adventures of Action Jackson to a close. It was a massacre against the Haqqislam, with Alex rolling a shocking 4-5 crits in a row. Keep in mind, a crit is rolling the exact number required on a D20, so that's no easy feat!

I do enjoy playing Infinity, and hope to bust it out again soon!

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