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Monday, August 26, 2013

Warmachine: Battle of the Barges

Owen and I got in a 35-point game of Warmachine using an old first edition barge scenario. The scenario takes place over water, with two barges that move D6 inches a turn across the water. It really captures a "boarding party" feel to the game.
Chris made up two quick barges out of foam and popsicle sticks

As usual with Warmachine, the main goal is just to beat up on the opposing army. However, you can also shoot the opposing barge, and blast template weapons automatically hit the opposing barge in addition to enemy models. When a barge reaches the opposite end of the table, the player's barge with the most damage loses, if a player hasn't won by killing his foes.

Retribution barge
Owen took (roughly from memory and pics):
  • Kaelyssa
  • Phoenix
  • Daemon
  • Aspis
  • 2x Mage Hunter Assassins
  • Fane Knight Issyen
  • Narn, Mage Hunter

Cyngar barge
I took:
  • Epic Caine
  • Cyclone
  • Journeyman Warcaster
  • Avenger
  • Gun Mage Adept
  • Stormsmith Stormcaller
  • Full squad of Tempest Gunmages
  • Full squad of Tempest Blazers
Turn one Owen's barge only moves one inch, so he just took a few long range shots that mostly missed or did little. On my first turn, my barge only moved two inches, but that was enough to get a small gap to get in!
The barges are close enough for the Tempest Blazers to charge forward and block the entrance!

The Daemon has an attack that pulls everything close to it's impact hit and then explodes outward. It wiped out most of my Tempest Gun Mages and the Journeyman Warcaster, leaving the Avenger to go offline without a controller! Nasty!

Narn charges in but fails to hit a Tempest Blazer

Kaelyssa hiding being the Retribution Warjacks

A Tempest Gun Mage moves up and shoots the Daemon with a knockback effect. It's not enough to knock the Daemon off of the barge, but it does create an opening...

Caine has a clear shot to Kaelyssa. By clear shot, I mean shotS, as he unleases his unlimited rate of fire hail of death and takes down the opposing Warcaster for a Cygnar victory.
Whelp, that's it. Top of turn three win. We barely even put any damage on the barges. With caster-kill as a primary victory condition in Warmachine, it can frequently lead to very short games. Some folks really like the mechanic, some folks really despise it. Unfortunately, it does make for very short batreps!

Our game was pretty short, but I thought the novelty of the barge scenario was cool enough to warrant some pics. I do want to try out the barge scenario idea with some other games as well, such as Infinity. The constantly changing LoS arcs really add a new dynamic to the game.

Are you a current active Warmachine player? If so, post up some pics of your armies on the forums! While it's far from my main gaming interest, the models are super awesome, so let's post some pics!

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