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Friday, August 2, 2013

Steven's Historicon Picture Dump

I had an absolute blast at Historicon!  Makes me remember why I love our silly hobby and community so much.  I will definitely miss the East Coast, and hope I can get back frequently!  Without further ado, here is a picture dump.  As usual, I am pretty bad at taking pictures at these events, but I snapped a few.

Nam game w/ Luke. 
Right off the bat Luke and I played a nam game.  He ran US airmobile infantry, and I the PAVN.  He was aggressive with his choppers, and I got very lucky on reserves and their placement which made for a rough time for the yanks!
 Captain Melia and his bat boy.

 Slicks depart after dropping off one platoon.

 The PAVN immediately show up.

 The LZ
 Gunships go after the PAVN

The PAVN company is gutted.

 PAVN charge

 A successful assault forces a few slicks to bug out.

AAA pops up underneath the gunships to devastating effect.

 The LZ holds out for some time.

Surrounded.  In the end, I can't get the LZ objective, but have a small victory points lead.  We both call it a victory for ourselves, and move along.

 Flying nazis on pterodactyls.

 Jetpack carrier.

 Have fun storming the castle!

 Desert game


 Cool to see it in print!

 WI Table!

 Friday night gaming
 Such an intense BSG game.

 A massive LZ X-Ray game.

Nam game w/ Scott S
This time I took command of a US infantry force with a Blackhorse Cav platoon in addition to a platoon of Cobras, 2 Pattons, and an offboard battery of 105s.  The mission was Contact! Contact! Contact!  Scott was running his PAVN with a Local Forces company thrown in for good measure.
 The US infantry hold the road.
 Choppers provide cover.
 Here comes the cavalry!

 Turn 3 or 4.  The first few turns are quick as Scott's reserves don't show up and the US infantry digs in to wait for the cavalry.

 The US begin inching forward to contest the LZ objective

 Besides turn 1, the choppers stay off the board until turn 4 or 5 where the ACAVs can provide them protection from Scott's AAA.

 Sheridans annihilate Scott's bunkers.

 The US have a solid grasp on their position
 RCLs knock out a Sheridan and an ACAV.

 Eventually the US gets 6 victory points ahead, cinching the game.  This was a rough one for Scott!  Using ACAVs to cover from ambushes and being conservative with the choppers was a HUGE help this game.


 The guys of WWPD got me this.  Seriously awesome.  Got a little choked up!

 Matt (ViciousEgo) distributed these challenge coins.  So awesome!

Tattoo idea.  No joke.

 Some cards against 'umanity anyone?  From left to right: Di, Jud, Craig, Pawpaw, Hecht, KJ.

 Me, Hecht, and Riha sat on the motel lawn until 4AM, King of the Hill style.  It was awesome.

Zombiecide!  from left to right: Riha, Rich, Ben, Jon, Hecht, myself.

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