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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Tamiya SdkFz 251 and Puma

I picked up some 1/48 scale Tamiya models for my Bolt Action Germans recently.  It was nice to pick them up already built.  As much as I love 1/48 scale vehicles, I loath building them.  I went ahead and repainted the SdKfz 251 and Puma because they did not match my style.  In about 2 hours of work I had them ready to rock in roll.  Since I did not build the kits from the start I am not able to do a full review of these kits, however news on the streets is Tamiya is pretty solid. 

Sdkfz 251 and Puma ready to lead the charge.

I like all the detail on model kits, but some bits are fiddely.  I managed to break both MG-42s already and the had to be glued back together.  I also just noticed I didn't finish the spare wheel, whoops.

Here it is next to some Black Tree Design Germans.

Just like the Sdkfz 251, the Puma has excellent detail.

Here is the Puma next to the same BTD Germans.

You should be able to find Tamiya kits in any good model shop.  They are also easy to find online. I particularly like these kits because they have a metal chassis.  This gives the Tamiya kits a little more weight than other plastic model kits.  This made the weight of the model feel right to a gamer.  

If you have built Tamiya kits and can share more about them join the conversation on the forum.

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