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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Stone Manor

Recently one of my gaming buddies made the decision to retire and move out of state. As he prepares to move he has been downsizing his collection of all things gaming. He more or less opened his war room to his friends and said, "make an offer."  I snagged a sweet stone manor from him, along with a bunch of 28mm Germans and a resin barn, for a groovy price.  I have been eye balling this piece of his collection ever since I started playing Bolt Action.   He has had the manor for a while, but it just sat, unpainted, collecting dust.  As soon as it was mine I took it home and painted it right away.

I have no idea who makes the manor.  I saw it at the Blue Moon booth at Historicon 2013, but I was unable to find it in their web store.  This stone manor is an awesome piece.  It weighs a couple pounds and is solid resin.  The detail on it is amazing and it looks far better than anything I could scratch build.

On down side to a solid resin building is you cannot put men inside, requiring you to put your troops around the outside of the building. (Or pull them off the table, like the MRB suggests. - J) However, it is gorgeous.  Resin buildings are nice because they just look great and make your table stand out.

For those of you intimidated by the thought of building structures from scratch or don't have the time, pre-made terrain is a great alternative.  I have all but stopped making my own buildings from scratch because of the time requirements and my collection of pre-built terrain has grown.

Just be prepared to fork out some cash. While some resin buildings are affordable, others cost a bit more. If I remember correctly I saw this one for sale at Historicon for around $60.

I love this little side shack on the manor.

The manor has both a front and back door, as well as windows on the basement.  This means you can really load the manor up with troops.

Here is the manor next to a couple of stone walls I recently built.

This manor is perfect scale match for my 1/48 and 28mm WW2 collection.  Here it is next to my new SdkFz 251.

Over all I am really, really happy with this stone manor.  I can see it making it on the table all the time.  Its going to look even cooler once I get the barn done.  You'll just have to stay tuned to to see more.

*****UPDATE***** This manor is from JR Miniatures and is from their ACW range.  The Manor costs about $35 when you buy directly from them*****

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