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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bolt Action - Spotlight: Beasts of War - Bolt Action Demo Games

About a week ago Bolt Action rules author, Alessio Cavatore, and our boy Andy, who we got to talk to at Historicon, headed over to Beasts of War and did a demo game with Warren.  Alessio and Andy walked Warren through his second game of Bolt Action using the contents of the Assault on Normandy Starter Set and a couple of extra tanks. 
In the first video Andy and Alessio went over the basics of Bolt Action, as Warren and they play through the first turn.  Instead of running through all the rules they addressed the core mechanics then reviewed rules as they came up during game play.  Warren's Germans and Andy's Americans were fighting over secret documents in a wrecked armored car.  In the first video Andy's Americans get the works and Warren beats him up pretty bad.  As they go into the second video the tension builds.

In the second video the game suddenly turns against Warren.  He loses his StuG and the Sherman rolls forward machineguns blazing.   Maybe this was part of Andy's master plan to goad Warren in to a strong counter punch.  In the end the game ebs and flows and Warren manages to pull out a narrow win.  I personally thought Andy was going to win the game.  Warren could not kill Andy's Sherman.  He shot it several time, hit it with aircraft, and assault it.  Sherman of STEEL!!!  However Warren's sneaky officer escapes the clutches of the American Army.  

These demo videos give a good overview of the Bolt Action rules and demonstrate the tension that builds as dice are pulled from the bag.  Warren is visibly tense by games end from not knowing what is going to happen next.  Alessio even gets a Joker quote in at the end.  If you like Bolt Action or are interested in learn more about the game, check out this demo video of game play.

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