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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Solido Diecast SU-100

While at Historicon I bought a ton of gaming stuff.  Some stuff I needed, like my Litko movement trays, and somethings I didn't.  When not hitting up the dealer hall for goods, I was hawking my way through the chaos which is the flea market.  While most people at the flea market thought their collection of miniature was worth more than what they paid for it, there where a couple deals I picked up.  I managed to snag a 1/48 scale diecast SU-100 for $25.  This diecast model was from a French company called Solido.  

For people who don't like assembling plastic model kits or resin miniature kits, and could care less for painting, diecast is a reasonable alternative.  One thing nice about some diecast kits is they cost you about the same as a model or miniature kit.  One down side to diecast is the paint jobs are normally bland and uninteresting. This SU-100 came painted white with decals on the side.  The tracks where all metal and silver as well.  Since it was so clean and white, I decided to give it a dip in my Warlord Dark Tone Quick Shade.  After a quick dip, this SU-100 matched up well with the rest of my Soviet Army.

The scale of this tank is 1/48 and it is fairly spot on with my 1/48 scale Bandai SU-85.

The SU-100 also looks good next to my plastic Soviets from Warlord.

Overall I'm happy with this purchase, it cost me about the same as a new plastic kits, but I didn't have to assemble it or really paint it.  Of course if you didn't like the paint scheme on a diecast model it would be really easy to repaint the model.  I highly recommend googling 1/48 diecast models and see what is available, you might be surprised how quick you can get a tank on the table.

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