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Monday, August 5, 2013

Revell F4 Phantom

Even though Tour of Duty has no official rules for US air support, AND I'm not particularly interested in jet age aviation... for some reason I just had to get an F4 Phantom on the table.  So I nabbed the F4 by Revel off Amazon for a pittance.  

The model comes pre-painted and is definitely a fairly low-quality snap together job.  So I assembled and sprayed it black and applied some South East Asia camo to it.  I also picked up some "close enough" decals off Amazon.  I know that makes my decals inaccurate, but that's okay with me.
The model is also obviously armed with a bunch of sidewinders and so wouldn't be doing too many ground attacks- but hey!  I also don't care about that!  I wanted a cheap, neat looking F4 and I got that!

I just slapped a magnet on the bottom.  Level of care: minimum.  Level of cool: maximum.
Sound off on the forum what stats you guys think I should use for this beast!

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