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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WWPD Overlord: “Start of the Breakout” – Cherbourg cut off, general advance

Here is the news for 29th July. Allied forces have begun a general advance against remaining German positions in Normandy. Reports from the front indicate that German resistance is “crumbling” in the face of heavy ground assaults and incessant air attack.

General Bradley has announced that the Cotentin peninsula and the port of Cherbourg were finally cut off when US forces reached the coast at Creances. Most of the isolated forces are apparently falling back on the defences around Cherbourg itself, leaving behind rear guards. In addition, heavy armoured assaults have been launched around and to the west of St. Lo, with German defenders reported to be rapidly falling back in confusion or overrun in place. Panzer divisions attempting to counterattack have been shattered in confrontations with the US 3rd and 4th Armoured divisions backed by Allied air power.

There have been breakthroughs in the British sector as well, with armoured forces driving into the more open terrain south of Caen. General Montgomery’s headquarters announced the capture of Villers-Bocage, scene of several bitter armoured engagements. The Desert Rats are reported to be moving to isolate German units still holding out near the initial landing beaches. These forces, which include some of Germany’s last reserves in the west, are in danger of being cut off. Units of the Guards’ Armoured division have also been advancing after initially being delayed by determined but scattered German formations.

General Eisenhower has confirmed that there has been a significant advance. Speaking to reporters at his headquarters, he stated that “this appears to be the start of the breakout we have been working towards.” He went on to state that German forces would be forced to either hold in place, and likely be destroyed, or attempt to withdraw in the face of Allied aerial supremacy. “Either way, we’re ready for them.”

By Patrick Gribble

Only 5 Days left of WWPD Operation Overlord and its going to be close! The Germans have held the Allies strong for a few weeks running, but the Allies have put a huge effort in and are starting to make up for lost time. The Allies are knocking on the gates at St-Lo and only a couple of areas away from Cherbourg and total victory!

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