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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Operation Overlord is well underway!

There are TONS of Battle Reports coming in for Operation Overlord!

Here's the latest from our reporter in the field Patrick Gribble:

Here is the news for 2nd July. Allied forces have continued their air and sea landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area of northern France. Supreme Headquarters has stated that the landings are meeting stiff resistance in some areas but that overall steady progress is being made.

US paratroopers of the 101st Airborne division are reported to have been victorious in a number of sharp engagements around the important city of Carentan. They have also enjoyed some success in securing control of areas near the American invasion beaches. However, German armoured, mechanised and parachute units have inflicted a number of reverses, in some cases causing heavy casualties. Allied commanders have acknowledged that, overall, success has “not been all that was planned for”.
The initial drops of British pathfinders are reported to have enjoyed only limited success due to weather disruption and enemy interference. Despite this, Supreme Headquarters has announced that forces of the 6th Airborne division have succeeded in seizing vital ground behind the British landing beaches, overcoming several German armoured and infantry units. In addition, British airborne forces are also in control of or are contesting several crossings over the river Orne.
Sea landings are currently underway at a number of beaches, with heavy support from Allied air forces and naval units. US forces of the 1st and 29th infantry divisions are enjoying success at the beach code-named Omaha, where resolute assaults are slowly dislodging German troops from fortified positions. In addition, some armoured units are beginning to make their way inland. However, Supreme Headquarters has acknowledged that initial reports from the other US landing beach, code-named Utah, indicate that the invasion there has stalled and that “the outcome is in the balance”.
The Canadians landing at Juno are also experiencing difficulty in breaking through coastal defences and may require additional support. In contrast, landings at the British beaches code-named Gold and Sword have enjoyed moderate success, with most units breaking through beach defences and in some cases pushing ahead to link up with airborne forces. British infantry supported by tanks also successfully beat back a German armoured counterattack causing heavy losses to the panzers. Inland, resistance is described as “stiffening”, and it is possible that progress may be slower than expected.
Speaking to correspondents, General Eisenhower has described the initial invasion as being “on balance, successful” although he admitted some landings were still undecided. “The troops, the air and the Navy are doing all that bravery and devotion to duty can do. If any blame or fault should be attached to anyone, it should be to me alone.” He went on to stress, however, that all indications were that Allied air and naval supremacy, as well as massive reserves, would ensure final victory.
By Patrick Gribble
Picture Sources: Frozen Gamer AK,  , Shermon Armory

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