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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Visit to the AAF Tank Museum in Danville VA

Over the 4th of July Holiday, my family and I traveled down to the AAF Tank Museum in Danville VA to have a look!  Below is a photo dump from our trip.


 The Leftenant
 My wife and my sister with a quad .50 cal halftrack!

Walker Bulldog

 Some dudes falling off a Walker Bulldog

M113 (Actually iirc this was a mortar carrier)

 Lydia and I man the AA Defenses
 Lydia's mean face

 Lydia's not so mean face

 Going AWOL

Easy 8




 M113 ACAV


Some awesome looking Swedish(?) tank

 One of many flavors of Pattons

 Dingo!  So tiny!


Water Buffalo

Some SP Gun- not sure what this is?

 Duster.  Love that camo.

 My dad and sister checkin out some Pattons



Probably my favorite tank there.

"Beeg Badda Boom"

Such an awesome instrument of war!

 Easy 8
 M5 3in Gun
 105mm self propelled
 Ubiquitous Patton
 Panzer IV

 AT Guns
 Love this display
 M18 Hellcat

 How'd you like to drive this thing around?

My dad is a hardcore bike rider.  The bike exhibit was his favorite.

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