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Friday, July 12, 2013

French vs Germans in Counter Attack

Jon has been working diligently on his Early War Germans, and we finally got together to put them on the table.  I decided to let him first face the French infantry, and so left the SOMUAs and Char B1s at home.  Ditto Laffleys and Panhards!  We rolled for the mission and came up with Counter Attack.  So crappy trained infantry vs a horde of tanks?  Uh oh.

The town.  The French Quarter is the bottom left.  Germans attack from Bottom right.

After Deployment.  Everything is on the board except one French tank platoon.

Ready to move out
French surge forward to try to get to the far objective ASAP

But the Pretty Pugilist Panzer Parking lot is not far behind!

derp derp


Snuggle Panzers

French guns open up, but cause no appreciable harm.

Panzers harass the French infantry

Already the Panzers have hooked around and are near to the objective.

Panzers finally have some breathing room

French are chewed up!

French are chewed up redux!

Oui, Monsieur!  We like zee tank assaults!

H39s show up to harass the Panzers

French infantry is chewed to bits

Ouch.  But the H39s hang in there!

Panzers hiding

French guns prepare to open up

And the French earn a victory point!

French 75s are mean in direct fire

H39s hold the objective as German armor approaches
The grey horde

The Hotchkiss tanks fought bravely

The French try to use smoke to isolate the Panzer III heavy hitters

But it's really a foregone conclusion.

Yeowch, this was a nasty fight.  The result was fairly inevitable I think.  5-2, but Jon was wreckless with his one panzer platoon!

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