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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bolt Action - Soviet Militia and Naval Troops

I recently picked up another box of Bolt Action Plastic Soviets to flush out my army.  The idea was to build figures as I needed them for games.   This plan failed miserably and it quickly turned into full blown production.  I assembled many figures to fill out units I plan to take to the Historicon Tournaments, but also made sure I had some fun in the process.  I already showed off my flag bearers and mine dogs in a previous post, but also took time to build some helmeted naval troops and militia.

The Soviet Naval Forces in World War Two are iconically know for the sailor hats, but a quick google search will turn up pictures of them in helmets as well.  I have found photos of helmets of various colors and decals.  I chose to go with a grey helmet, instead of green, and painted a small red anchor on the front.  I have also seen them with red stars.  I built three helmeted naval figures as test figures.  I really like how they turned out after being painted and will likely build more in the future if I expand my naval force.

Next I built and painted some Soviet militia.  The militia were easy to build, all I had to do was not put weapons in their hands.  There is wide variety of hands in a Bolt Action box of plastic Soviets.  I found plenty of decent hands to build my militia.  Most of my militia are posed to look like they are charging head long into the Germans.  I didn't feel that the hands I used looked unnatural or GI Joe like.

These easy conversions are another great example of how the Bolt Action Plastic Infantry Boxes are a great deal.If you have conversations you want to share, if you want to talk about this article or if you want to talk about any other article on the WWPD network make sure you join the conversation on the WWPD Forum by clicking the link below.

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