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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A big announcement and a fond farewell.

Friends, fans, and followers of WWPD,

I have a big announcement to make.  As of a few days ago, I accepted a position with Battlefront Miniatures in Auckland, NZ.  I will be in a management position overseeing digital properties associated with the company.  This includes websites, social media, youtube, etc.  Additionally, I will become a point of contact for fan sites around the web.  I can’t be much more specific about the role just yet, because much of my specific responsibilities remain to be hammered out by me and the rest of the senior management team.  I will, however, remain in close contact with the gaming community to be sure!

Of course, the excitement is a bit bittersweet.  Naturally, this means I can no longer remain at WWPD.  WWPD will thus remain independent, as I will be handing the reins over to Dirty Jon.  I leave WWPD in good (albeit of questionable cleanliness...) hands.  Yes, this means there will be changes, but those will be addressed in time.  My last official outing with WWPD will be at Historicon 2013, with the live show there being my last podcast.

I hope you all understand why this is an opportunity my family and I can’t pass up, and share with us in our sheer excitement!  As my good friend Tom put it: this is nerd apotheosis.  Being able to do what I love in a beautiful  country, in the company of people I share interests with?  It’s really a no brainer, except for it being on the other side of the globe!  We’ve already begun applying rogaine to Isabelle’s feet to make sure she’s ready for her first day of Hobbit School.  I think that’s a thing in NZ.

The last several years have been great!  I’ve made countless new friends, and tons of great memories.  The Jungle Room?  ‘Uman Factor?  The first Cold Wars live show?  These are things that I will forever look back on fondly.  So to all the friends I’ve made, and especially the guys who’ve made WWPD what it is today, you have my sincerest “thank you”.  Now, I’ve got a few weeks before we leave and one last convention- so pass the Knob Creek and the dice, and let’s get back to what matters.  Making little toy men wage war!

-Steven MacLauchlan

PS- make sure to tune into the next episode of the show!  We’ll of course be talking a lot about this.

Thanks again!

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