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Friday, June 14, 2013

Vietnam AAR: Indian Country (Airmobile)

Sean and I were able to get in a Memorial Day game of 'Nam, and with my 2 Cobras, 2 Loaches, and 2nd PAVN company (almost...) complete, we decided to do an Airmobile battle. We settled on the mission "Indian Country". It was my turn to play the Americans, and I was excited to have so many gunships on the table!

Steven's Airmobile Infantry
  • HQ + Medic
  • Airmobile Platoon
  • Airmobile Platoon
  • 4x Slicks
  • Pink Team w/ 1 Loach and 1 Cobra
  • Pink Team w/ 1 Loach and 1 Cobra
  • Heavy Hog w/ Grenade Launcher
Sean's PAVN Infantry Battalion
  • HQ + 4 Booby Traps
  • 2 Platoon Strong PAVN Company w/ 2 LMGs
  • 2 Platoon Strong PAVN Company w/ 2 LMGs
  • 3x Type 54 AAA Guns
  • 6x 75mm Recoilless Guns

A Loach observes the LZ Prep.  Editor's Note: Yes, I realize the sabres are upside down on all of my choppers AND the tail should be at a 45 degree angle on the Loach!.  Both issues have since been rectified :)
Gunships and artillery from Firebase Mac pepper the LZ.
Gunships on their final pass
The board.  In this mission the US have one LZ objective and the PAVN have an objective in an opposite corner of the board.  The US start with half of their units on one end of the table, and the other half arrive later to land on the LZ.  The US win by taking the PAVN objective, and visa versa on or after turn 6.  The PAVN get to launch an Ambuscade before the game begins.
As 1st platoon is returning to the LZ for extraction, they suddenly find themselves ambushed by a company strength force!
RPGs line up shots from the creek bed.
The US suffer several casualties and wounds, and immediately call for reinforcements!
The US lose 2 teams and 3 more are wounded.  The 2 teams lost do not count against them as they were lost in the ambuscade.  With that, the game begins!
The Aviation platoon ferries 2nd platoon under the leadership of the 2iC to the LZ.
As every gunship in the region arrives to assist 1st Platoon!
All of the action occurs near the bridges outside of the village as 1st Platoon digs in and waits for assistance.
Suddenly... Gunships.
Retribution is swift.
The first PAVN unit is wiped out, earning the US their first Victory Point.
2nd Platoon deploys from the slicks, solidly holding the objective.
1st Platoon moves out to contest the objectuve as more PAVN arrive from Guerilla Reserve!
The US are caught somewhat unaware, and suffer tremendous casualties.  The US company commander falls, earning the PAVN a Victory Point.
PAVN coming over the hill!
The Frog moves into position and unleashes its rockets.  Uncle Ho Chi Sean is not happy.
And again, the retribution from the gunships wreaks a horrible vengeance on the PAVN.
But on their turn, they unpin and continue forward...
Just as a second PAVN company arrives and small arms fire brings down a Cobra!
Four stands of US infantry and a medic (who has been doing a wonderful job of tending the wounded!) are all that hold against the tide.  But the Gunships are on station and continue to pump fire into the enemy.
Both PAVN companies are pinned, and at the start of his turn, Sean pulls the beaten up one off.  That's 2 VPs for the Americans.  Though the fresh company fails to unpin, both RcLs and AAA show up!
RcLs and AAA!
The RcLs all fire off on the one visible US stand (who has weathered tremendous fire, but holds the objective).  They fail to cause any harm.
The Type 54 MGs fail to down a single chopper, though they scored numerous hits on the full strength Pink team.
The remaining Loach from the Pink Team that lost the Cobra earlier swoops in low, and single-handedly eliminates the Type 54s.  3 VPs for the US.
The RcLs are left with 2 guns, but hang in there.
Sean's PAVN company on the board again fails to unpin!  But another company shows up on the other side of the wood and directly underneath the choppers!
Small arms fire brings down the Loach from the already hurt Pink Team.  This earns the PAVN TWO Victory Points- 1 for eliminating a unit (the Pink Team) and 1 bonus point for destroying 2 choppers.  We are now tied up at 3-3.
The loach comes down in a hut.
When Suddenly... Sean's PAVN *again* fail to unpin.  Meaning I start my turn 6 in posession of the objective!  The battle ends suddenly, and we are both surprised.
Especially considering the US infantry is completely surrounded.  But they held long enough!  And the game is a 4-3 to Steven.

Closing Thoughts
The Gunships were mean.  Brutally mean.  But, the game was clearly neck and neck.  Failing to unpin several turns in a row is really all that cost Sean- if he could just get a successful assault in those woods he'd lock up that half of the board.  The LZ, however, would be very very difficult to capture.  It's hilarious that the LZ was totally quiet the entire time!  Anyhow, we both had a great game.  The larger PAVN units make a really big difference, but so does the proliferation of gunships!

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