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Friday, June 7, 2013

US Tank Destroyers vs German Pioneers

On Memorial Day, Luke and I decided to play a quick FoW game.  As we usually do on Holidays, we let the dice decide our armies and the mission.  He ended up running Tank Destroyers (ha!) and I, German Pioneers.  The Mission is Free For All.  Because we played quickly, I don't have as many pictures as usual, but will do my best to describe the action.

Our lists are fairly straight forward as is objective placement!  

Luke's Tank Destroyers (all CV)
  • HQ + TRV
  • 2x M18 Tank Destroyer Platoons
  • Tank Destroyer Recon Platoon
  • US Rifle Platoon
  • 2 Platoons of 4 Stuarts
The German left flank.
 Steven's German Pioneers
  • HQ w/ Fausts
  • 2x Pioneer Platoons w/ Carts
  • 4x Marders
  • 5x Panzer IV H
  • Nebelwerfer Battery
  • Armored 10/5 AA
  • HS129B (sporadic)

 The Right Flank.
 The German Left.
 The German Right.
US Infantry on one objective.

 The US go first and come rolling out!  Stuarts and M18s race up the German Right.
 Recon and Tank Destroyers race through the town.
 The Nebelwerfers get shot to pieces!
HS129s come swooping in with 3 planes! ... And one M18 is bailed.  But the Stuarts on the right are left burning!
 The Nebelwerfers fall to massed MG fire on the following turn.  Ouch!
The right flank becomes embroiled in a shooting match.  1 M18 is left, as the Stuarts consolidate into the field.  The Pioneers move forward to press the situation.
 On the left, TDs and Recon pour .50 cal rounds into the Germans!
 Mid game.
 Pioneers assault and finish off the 2nd platoon of Stuarts.
 An HS129 swoops in and nabs the platoon commander of the TDs on the left flank.
 The Right flank in flames!
 TDs on the German left race to the right.

 The center becomes a hot mess!
A Pioneer assault sees off the last TD on the right.  With that, the US are down 3 platoons, and the Germans are down 1.  When suddenly, in rapid succession, the US C/O .50 cals the last Marder out of existence just as the right most Pioneer platoon breaks!  We're now both teetering at half strength.
And the German retaliation is swift.  Knocking out 2 M18s, and seeing off the recon.  The US have to make a company check, but succeed.
On the US turn, the M18s hope to knock the Panzer IVs down, but fail to do so.  It's looking good for the Germans!
 ...except that the very dead last shot Luke takes.  3 Rifle shots on the last 10/5 AA needing 6s.  One hit.  Armor save is a 1.  Firepower 6 is rolled.  Boom!  Suddenly the Germans are below half!
And the Germans fail company morale!  Ouch!

Had an awesome time with this game- it really went back and forth the whole time!

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