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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bolt Action - Scratch Built Fences

How to Make 28mm Slat Fencing

Fences are and were everywhere so why not on your miniature battlefield? This is a quick and easy way to make one type that was common throughout Europe.

Supplies needed:
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks 6 in x ¾ in, Skinny Craft Sticks (Woodsies) 5¾ in x¼ in x 3/38 in
  • wood glue
  • grit, flock,  and paint.

Tools needed:
  • Large diagonal cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • a ruler

Start out by cutting your skinny craft sticks into 1 1/8 to 1¼ inch lengths. You will need a bunch of these. Don’t worry about them being exactly the same unless that is how you want your fence.  Using a straight edge line them up side by side to the length of the Jumbo craft stick (about 6 in). Take a full length skinny stick, glue one side and then set it at the very bottom of the cut sticks. Then take another and put it about mid way up the sticks as in the picture. You may want to cut a few so they are arranged differently so they don’t all look the same. Set these aside till dry.

Once the fence sections are dry, hot glue them to the Jumbo craft stick.

Next spread some glue along the Jumbo craft stick and the base of the fence.  Add the grit to give it some ground effect. This will also give the fence more strength and texture. I dip them into a pan of mixed basing grit and then tap the excess off.  Allow the glue to dry.

Once all of your sections are to this point, spray them with a brown paint outside or in a well ventilated area. Allow the paint to dry.

Then take a lighter brown and dry brush the base and fence. This brings out the edges and gives it a weathered look. Add some flock, static grass or what every material to match your gaming matt and you are done.

Quick and easy, but make a great addition to your gaming table!

Chris Huhn is the owner of Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. When not rolling copious amounts of ones, he is often found scratch building terrain for all sorts of gaming systems in all sorts of different scales.

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