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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Plastic Soldier Company Allied M5 Halftrack

Plastic Soldier Company hooked us up with their Allied M5 Halftrack box set for review.  In the box, you will find 5 complete sprues and an instruction sheet.  This kit allows you to make the M5 or the M5A1.

The instruction sheet was pretty simple and easy to follow.  You only need 16 parts for this kit.  As you all have come to know, assembly isn't my thing.  I found that this kit fit together well and was pretty darn easy to follow.  I did notice that a little bit of the rear fender needed slight trimming to get the tracks to fit in without a squeeze.

I really like all of the options for stowage and what not.  There are all kinds of options to make your halftracks distinctive, but I think less is more - I had no desire to build 'Death Star' halftracks.  As with other PSC kits, the undercarriage is completely modeled, making these a great option for a vignette or objective marker with a wrecked halftrack.

One thing that I have been disappointed with in the past are the crew figures supplied by PSC.  I have often replaced the weird looking crew with other manufacturers' figures.  In this case, however, the crew is one of the big highlights of the kit.  I think that PSC has done a great job of giving some cool poses and great sculpts with this kit.  When I showed the finished model to Steven and Luke, they both thought that the detailed and well posed crew was a great part of this kit.

I wanted to go all-out on these, so I dug up some Battlefront and Dom's decals I had lying around.  They went on easy and I think they look nice.  With the ultra-smooth flat plastic surfaces, some edges of the decals can be seen at certain angles -- unavoidable.

Battlefront model (with backwards tracks...) on the left, PSC on the right.
The Good:
- lots of options for stowage and guns
- crew models are great
- easy to assemble, with good instructions
- completely modeled under carriage

The Bad:
- assembly is a little more time than other manufacturers, if modeling isn't your thing
- the tarp stowage is too flat and textureless

The Ugly:
- Nothing!  These are fine!

Conclusion:  10/10 Unditching Rollers
I really like this kit.  There are a ton of options and some great improvements over previous kits -- especially the crew and the instructions.  For $26USD, this can't be beat.

All models provided by The Plastic Soldier Company

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