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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick Look: Battlefront's Paddy Fields

There's not much to say about these Paddy Fields, that isn't fairly self evident- but we'll take a look anyway!  As part of the first wave of Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box line for Vietnam, the Paddy Fields give gamers our first taste of some South East Asia terrain!

The box comes with 4 fields in different sizes and a package of static grass.  Retailing for $26USD, I think they're a pretty good buy and an easy way to "vietnamize" your game board.  I definitely would've preferred something a bit more lush- these are essentially what the field would look like prior to planting.
The material itself is similar to the other BF terrain.  Certainly able to stand up to some punishment, no worries there.
Though a lush, green paddy field would've been a bit more evocative of Vietnam, these are an okay buy.  I'm not head over heels for them like I am with most of the Battlefield in a Box line, but I'm sure they'll make regular appearances in my vietnam games.  Hopefully Battlefront have more terrain along these lines in store for 'Nam!

Terrain Provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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