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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company Zis 2/3

Let's take a look at the Plastic Soldier Company Zis 2/3. For the odd person that is unaware, recent errata/changes made the soviet Zis 2/3 guns medium guns rather than large and reduced the crew from 5 to 4 for the non artillery guns. This means that the dedicated anti-tank battery armed with the Zis can now be placed on a medium base rather than a large base.

Additionally this means that they can now ambush with 16" and can be concealed when dug in. This is a major boost for the Zis ATGs and makes the Zis 3 in particular a viable choice. (Oh and don't forget that they move as light guns so can keep up with infantry)

(Points are for Fearless Conscript, Mid war)

On to the kit itself. In the box you get four plastic sprue and each sprue contains 5 crew, a Zis3 barrel, a Zis2 barrel, 4 wheels (covering the 2 variants), a gun shield, the trails and a couple of open ammo boxes.

I chose to make mine up as the Zis3 (76mm) ATG variant as I already have 8 Zis3 based on large bases for my god of war and I have 4 Zis2s that just need rebasing.

The kits made up quickly with no fuss or mess (or stuck fingers) and fitted nicely on some spare medium bases.

Cost for the box was £16.50 and I think that makes them good value. The only downside is that I do not like the PSC infantry/gunners. For the price I can put up with them but I wish I could have found my odds n sods box where I know I have some spare BF gunners.

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