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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peter Pig Vietnam Civilians

Back in march having just picked up Tour of Duty and having a quick scan through I decided I needed some resistance teams.

Off I trot to the Peter Pig stand at the WMMS and bought 3 packs of civilians. A pack of male civilians, pack of female civilians and a cart. All packs cost £2.80.

Of the three packs I was most impressed with the cart. It contained the cart itself, driver(are they called drivers?), a draft buffalo and another buffalo being ridden by a child. Good value. The other packs contained 8 pieces in 3 variants. The lack of variants was a little disappointing but there was never going to be a huge amount of repetition.

I did find them surprisingly difficult to paint (probably due to the unusual subject) and the detailing was not great but I think they came out OK in the end. For the life of me I just could not get the colour of the buffalo right though

From the 3 packs I made up six resistance teams and an objective base. Not bad for a total of £8.40

(Bases are laser cut MDF from commission-figurines   and grass tufts and bushes from Tajima 1 miniatures  )

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