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Friday, June 21, 2013

Papercraft: Bocage (Free Download!)

Papercraft: Bocage

Operation Overlord is nearly upon us! But there is still some time for preparation.

Continuing on from my previous article with my Normandy themed buildings, I have created another paper-craft template that will allow anyone who is short on cash or short on time to quickly assemble a Normandy themed terrain table.


Again, these are by no means going to create the most stunning battlefield, they will however allow you to play safe in the knowledge that there is no doubt this is bocage.

When printing the Bocage, make sure to set it to fit to page.

Fold the template along the black lines of the base so that the two sides meet.

Align the bushes and glue them together.

Cut out the bushes, you do not need to be too precise
as long as you cut away all the blank paper.

The result is some very fast, very cheap, if a bit modest, Bocage.

Remember Operation Overlord is just a few days away! Sign up now and be ready to hit the beach as soon the landing ramps drop.

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