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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paper Terrain Grass Shacks and Huts

As I was building up my Vietnam terrain, our pal Scott Washburn on the forum contacted me about reviewing some of his paper shacks that he sells through his company Paper Terrain.  Scott sent me his Grass Shacks set as well as the Grass Huts set.  I've used Paper Terrain landing craft for years in my D-Day games, so I was happy to give them a shot!

Paper Terrain product comes printed on card stock, with instructions on how to cut them out and assemble them.  
Though somewhat tedious to cut out, it's pretty easy to get into the groove.  Learning how to properly score with your hobby knife is the trick- once you get the hang of that it's easy!

The Grass Shacks are by far my favorite of the two.  The set is $20 and comes with 8 shacks: 2 Large, 2 Medium, and 4 small.

Small, Medium, and Large.  Each shack also comes with a raised platform.  I really like the look of those!
The grass shacks are removable, leaving a destroyed version underneath.
This is useful for either having the shacks getting destroyed...
Or for putting teams inside and replacing the top.
I'm a huge fan of the Grass Shacks!
The Grass Huts are certainly awesome to add a little flavor to the board, but arent quite as "gameable" as the others for Flames of War.
They don't fit FoW bases and don't come with destroyed versions.  On the plus side, they come with 15 huts!  Pictured in our games are only about half of each- I still have plenty stored in a file for when I need a larger village!  Best of all, the huts are only $10- that's cheap!
When mixed together I think they make for a pretty convincing village.  I don't love the round huts, but they're so inexpensive, I think it's worth dropping the $30 to get 8 shacks (which I DO love) and 15 huts!

Terrain Provided by Paper Terrain

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