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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OH-6 Loach Plastic Kit Review and AH-1G Cobras

The OH-6 Loach is one of Battlefront's earliest forays into an all plastic kit, and I am a really big fan.  The kit is easy to assemble, is comprised of few pieces, and is relatively inexpensive at $26 for two Loaches (including 2 flight stands, magnets, and a sheet of decals).  Also included are two optional metal door gunners.
The loaches were simple to assemble and paint.  The plastic is nice and chunky, and required little cleanup.  The only weird thing I encountered was that the tail piece fit together a little strangely, and I initially assembled them at right angles.

The tail piece should, of course, be at a 45 or so degree angle.  The groove is fairly shallow, so it's easy to mess that up if you aren't careful.  But it's also easy to get right if you're a careful modeler (unlike me).
Please ignore my awful photoshop attempts...
Of special note- the decal sheet comes with more than enough cavalry sabers, and "United States Army' decals to use on multiple choppers.  This was a welcome inclusion as I had a few of the old blue box choppers that were without the "United States Army" stencils, that now are covered!
I painted the top of the tails orange for unit identification.  Mostly, I just copied that from Mike Haught's excellent chopper painting as the orange on the brown violet looked great!

I also painted up 2 Huey cobras to form Pink Teams.  They're easily the meanest looking chopper in the line and were a joy to paint.

I may just have to get 2 more to make Gatling cobras!  I mean, look how mean those things look!
My photoshop skills have me laughing right now.

Hope you've enjoyed these guys- look for them in batreps soon!

Loach Models Provided by Battlefront Miniatures

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