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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

M551 Sheridans for Vietnam (VUSBX06)

I was very much looking forward to these guys.  I love how they have that gypsy caravan look- covered with everything but the kitchen sink!  The box includes 3 Sheridans, decals, and magnets as you'd expect.  

The models were a bit difficult to assemble thanks to all the little bits like the shields around the commander's hatch, but nothing too awful.  Painting them up was fun- accounting for all the stowage.  The end result, however, is worth it!  The tanks just look so lived in.  Makes me want to go back and give my other US vehicles the same treatment.  
 I'm looking forward to trying these guys out in game.  They sport light armor, and so I predict they will be very susceptible to RPGs.  Probably best to let the M113s screen them.
 What they lack in armor they make up for in punch.  With a cupola .50 cal and co-ax MG they don't spit quite as much MG fire as an M113, though their main gun is quite unique and the main strength of the tank.  With ROF 1 and 16" range, the M81 152mm gun is an odd animal.
 ROF 1 is completely offset by the stabiliser- essentially this means you almost always want the Sheridan moving if firing a 152mm round as there is no penalty.  Rated as light tank, the Sheridan can make up for the main gun's short range and strike where it's needed.
 The 152mm sports firepower 1+, and "Breakthrough Gun" which makes it ideal at killing gun teams and HMG nests.  With the option to fire beehive, the Sheridan can also lay down a huge amount of fire on infantry in the open.
 Beehive rounds turn the 152mm gun into a massive shotgun, giving the tank ROF 5 but only 8" range.    Note that the beehive rounds do not drop in ROF for moving, but do suffer a +1 to hit.
I can't wait to try these guys out as some fire support for my Armored Cavalry.

Models provided by Battlefront Miniatures.

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