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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bolt Action - Dirty Jon's Black Tree Design Germans

I just HAD to get some infantry to go along with the Tiger, right?  I loved my 29th Infantry from Black Tree Design, so I went ahead and picked up some Germans at a 'uge discount.  I will now have two armies for Bolt Action.

I decided to try and paint up some Germans with the green uniform, as I have done mostly the fledgrau uniform in the past.  I used Luftwaffe Camouflage Green as the base, with a drybrush of Russian Uniform, then a mix of Russian Uniform and Khaki.  I think these guys turned out pretty well.

Each figure has a good amount of detail on them.  I was pleased that there were different types of web gear and boots on the figures for variety.  I like to use lipped bases for my Bolt Action and Saga figures and the Germans are no different.

Overall, I like the BTD models.  They are a great value, have little flash, a variety of poses and paint up very nicely.

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