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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bolt Action - Dog Mines and Flags

I picked up a blister pack of Celtic War Hounds and box of plastic Soviet Siberians from Warlord with the intention of making Dog Mines and flushing out more Soviets.  I had two flag poles in my bit box, left over from some 28mm Napoleonic figures, so I decided to make a couple figures sporting the Hammer and Sickle.  

I made the Dog Mines with a variety pieces from the plastic Soviet box.  I started by cutting trenching tools apart.  I separated the handles from the shovel covers and glued the shovel covers to the side of the dogs.  I then glued the DP magazine to the top of the dog and glued small round discs on top of that.  Last I took the shovel handles and glued it to the top of the mine.

After completing the Mine Dogs I got to work on the flags.  The plastic box set is full of options, which makes the figures perfect for conversions.  It was easy to glue to flag poles into the open hands of the soldiers.  After that I printed out two Soviet flags and glued them to fit.

I glued the flags down before I applied quick shade.  I contemplated waiting to add the flags till after dipping, but wanted to give the flags a battle worn look.  I hope it worked.  I will be using these flag bearers as staff members for my officers.

One of the things I love about Bolt Action and all the plastics that Warlord offers is how easy it is to convert figures and bring character to you army.  If you have conversations you want to share, if you want to talk about this article or if you want to talk about any other article on the WWPD network make sure you join the conversation on the WWPD Forum by clicking the link below.

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