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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle of Endor Death Star Run

With the release of wave two of X-Wing Steven and myself though it might be fun to come up with a scenario for X-Wing that allows player to recreate the final assault on the Second Deathstar.

So I got to work creating a printable PDF that can be used to represent the winding interior of the unfinished death star.

There is a full colour version for people with access to a quality printing service or a home printer friendly version.

Place the Rebel ships at the mouth of the Deathstar, move them forward 3 turns asif you were moving as normal, avoiding the walls and scaffolding but do not perform any actions, deploy the Imperial forces at the mouth of the tunnel and begin the game as normal.

For those with a small playing space Id recommend laying out 4 sheets at a time removing the last sheet as the lead ship (or possibly the millennium falcon) reaches the leading edge of the second sheet, any ship left behind on the last sheet as it is removed is treated as-if it had flown off the board. Replace a new sheet in front of the first sheet, repeat.

Ships that fly into a wall or scaffolding (highlighted in red) roll an evade dice, if they fail they take one hit and deal one damage card face down. Then adjust the ships angle the minimum safe distance to avoid flying out of the tunnel (though may still fly into scaffolding), they are assumed to have barged a way through if not destroyed and can carry on as normal next turn.

The goal of the rebels is to reach the reactor core at the end of the tunnel and destroy it, hull value 1, shield value 3, evade 0.

(heroic explosion chase scene is optional but totally recommended)

The Rebels win by destroying the reactor. The Imperials win by destroying the Rebels. ... sault2.pdf

"Print friendly" version.

Not actually part of this scenario but a Brucey bonus.

.... - - .--. ---... -..-. -..-. -. . - .-- --- .-. -.- .-.-.- .-- .-- .--. -.. .-.-.- -. . - -..-. .. -- .- --. . -..-. - . .- ... . .-. ----- .---- .-.-.- .--. -. --.

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