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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games US Plastic Infantry

This review's brought to us courtesy of Martin Bond (marticus) and Warlord Games. Enjoy! - J

I was lucky enough to get to take a look at the Warlord Games WWII American Infantry plastic boxed set.  

So I thought I would share what’s in it and my thoughts on it.

As always nice artwork on the box…

It contains enough parts to make 25 men, and warlord say

 “Designed to be equipped for use in all theatres of the war in which American soldiers fought and at anytime during America's involvement in the conflict, these great multi-pose plastics allow you loads of options - you can even use them as Free French or Brazilians during WWII and they're also ideal for us as American soldiers during the Korean War!”

So what do you get in the box!

 Well you get 5 of these sprues ….

They have 5 different bodies, a wide range of heads, arms and backpacks, pouches and general gear.

You then get 3 of these weapons sprues:

There is a wide range of weapons on here, pistols, Thompsons, Grease guns, M1 carbines, Garands, Springfields, Springfield with a scope, and the good old Bazooka!  So sure you get a ton of stuff there.

You also get this guide and assembly sheet, with some nice background, some pictures of painted models, and a listing for what the parts are for.

 The arms are specific to weapon types, so make sure you check them first before snipping things off at will! Or it will come back to bite you.  I found this out the hard way!

The quality of the sculpts themselves are good, there was little to no cleanup required, and the detail is crisp and clear.

There are however issues I found with these minis, the assembly being one.  I’ve built countless toy soldiers in my time, from many different companies, but I have found the warlord plastics to be one of the hardest to go together.  Getting the weapons in the hands right, wow that was a challenge, very fiddly and requiring a lot of positioning just right.  The end results are worth it though.

The other gripe I have with this set is weapon options.   Now I know I said earlier you get a ton of options,  which is true, however you don’t get enough of one option to model them.  You only get 5 Garands per sprue so that’s a total of 15 of them. So that leaves 10 men without the iconic US rifle. Sure you shall probably want to add some of the BARs in and an SMG or 2, and its great if you want to add a sniper team, and a Bazooka team. But if you want to build straight up M1 Garand armed rifleman you can’t do it for all your troops. Warlord does sell additional Weapon sprues, but I don’t want to have to buy extra to arm the infantry with a standard weapon.

Overall, a lovely looking set, that’s time consuming to put together but do look great. Also need to have added some more M1 Garands to the set.

Final Rating  7/10 Dough Boys

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