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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Company B M7 Priest

The following review was done by community member and tournament organizer extraordinaire Stefan Sheckells. I've never dealt with any Company B stuff, so I hope it proves as valuable and insightful to you as it did me. - Judson

The Priest was purchased as an infantry killer and unique vehicle for my US Paratroop Army. I was pleased with Company B's quick turn-around time when it arrived at my door about five days from purchase.  Additionally, I was more impressed when the model came with eight pieces of stowage.  It did not come with crew members though, which is ok as I like to have a crew that matches my infantry in scale.

The model has excellent detail and flavor with tools, tracks, and compartments.  What comes out-of-the-box is:

I have included images of how I assembled the model at the end of the review.

Then I noticed a number of casting flaws.  Some of these flaws were in plain sight and I would see them each time I looked at the model.  I'll see whether I can minimize their defects when I build and paint it. The flaws I found were:

In turn, I added crew members because I like open-topped vehicles to have exposed crew.  I chose Warlord's US Army plastics and they fit right in.  With that in mind, the Priest's scale is 1/56th; but if you are like me...I want see what it looks like next to other models.  So below are images of vehicular comparisons with Black Tree Design's Grille, Warlord's Sherman 75mm, and Warlord's Stu42. And images illustrating the Priest's scale to Warlord's metal US Paratroops on 3mm bases and Warlord's US Army plastics on 1mm bases.

Last but not least more images of the finished model.


Gun and gun mount assembly.  Notice the sighting parts on either side on the gun.

50 Cal Cupola assembly:  Notice the sighting part on the right hand side of gun had to be removed because it did not fit when the cupola was installed.  Maybe I put it in the wrong place?  Hummm...let me check the directions...oh there are no directions...arggg....

The cupola also did not fit securely making it un-level, but I did not notice until after I was done.  And, thankfully, it not noticeable in most views.

The stowage came in handy as it covered up two of the seven casting flaws...

That's all folks...step away from the counter.

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