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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick and Easy Elephant Grass for 'Nam

I had an extra door mat that was rarely used as a wheat field except in a few cases.  As Sean and I were discussing easy ways to make our 'Nam battlefields look more like.. well.. Vietnam, I remarked how easy it would be to tear up one of those mats to make some elephant grass.  So, we grabbed 2 pairs of scissors and went to work!  Within about 10 minutes we had a box full (We cut up a 2' x 3' mat) of elephant grass which would probably be enough to cover 2 6'x4' boards!  Super easy to do- here's what we did:

 Step One: Take your door mat (alternately called Coconut mat or something similar- these are from Ikea)
 Step Two: Use scissors to cut lots of "starter" slits.  The rubber is quite easy to tear, but with lots of scissor cuts all over the mat, it makes it even easier.
 Step Three: Tear pieces off haphazardly.
 This was about as large as we let the pieces get.
 Along with lots of small ones like this.
 And irregular shapes
 The end result doesn't look quite as good as the Battlefront version in Tour of Duty, but I think the effect is close.

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