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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PAVN Recoilless Guns

After playing a few games of 'Nam, it became clear that the PAVN need some heavy weaponry.  Fortunately, combining pieces from the Battalion HQ box and Weapons box, you can make a full unit of Recoilless Guns 6 strong.

With ROF 2, AT 9, Firepower 3+ and 24" range, these guns provide a strong, mobile answer to light armor like M113s.  Being man packed guns helps them get into good positions, but being Recoilless guns has some significant drawbacks in FoW!
Guerilla Reserves allows them to deploy close to where you need them.  Unfortunately, the M113s will keep them at long range when they arrive, but even at long range their guns will punch an M113 without problem.
As with all of my PAVN units, I speed painted these guys to get them on the table using the excellent Magik Mudd wash from CGR Painters.

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