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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PAVN Anti Aircraft

The type 54 12.7mm Machine Gun (The familiar DShK for all of you soviet players!) was widely used by many nations.  In Flames of War Vietnam, the PAVN have access to these "Dragon Killers" as a means to keep pesky choppers at bay!

I painted them using my speed painting technique first seen on my PAVN infantry to get them on the table quickly.
With ROF 4, and firepower 5+ they should be able to at least scare off choppers.  Being able to deploy from Guerilla Reserves gives them flexibility in placement.  Whether or not they can survive the return fire remains yet to be seen!
A Type 54 tracks a Hog flying at treetop level.

And scores a hit!

Chopper down!

I am hoping the Type 54s will perform well on the battlefield!

The unit

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