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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Partner Picks

Once again a pick of some of the best articles from our WWPD Partners.

Anatolis Game Room

First up is Anatoli and his many fantastic articles of By Fire and Sword - I honestly think the publishers of this game should hire him to be the PR guy, as he's done an outstanding job pushing the game and made it appealing even to me, who has no interest in the era.

Aurelius Legion - Basing tutorial
I loved this tutorial so much I'll be giving it a go myself.

The Gamers Table - Aussie Starwars
The Gamers Table pointed me towards this little gem of terrible acting and clever gags. Not really hobby related I know but well worth a few giggles.

Dice Devils
Finally a great Flames of War video bat rep featuring Mid War Brits and Tigers.

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